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2.SMS Brandname

SMS brandname: is a one-way interactive service, used for advertising (promotion, discounts, ...information) and customer care (announcement, reminder, congratulations, warning/alert...)

We support both automatic sending via API, and sending manual by website:

SMS brandname SMS brandname

▶ FAQ about SMS brandname

❓How long does it take to connect to the SMS brandname API?

👉 Connection time is about 1-2 hours

❓When to report after sending message?

👉 Advertising: reports will be available after 1-2 days

👉 Customer care: the report will be available immediately after sending the message

❓In case the status report is successful but the phone number is not received, what should I do?

👉 We will report to the Telco to find out the cause

❓Why should you choose our SMS brandname service?

👉 Competitive cost

👉 Connection security, safety

👉 Increasing the awareness and loyalty of Customers to the brand of the business.

👉 Increase sale revenue.

👉 Save cost and time for the marketing department, customer care.

APIs for SMS brandname

▶DEMO: Java - Php - C#

Register Account for SMS Brandname